Red-Tail Hawk Surprise!

One day I was in Central Park near the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I noticed a gray squirrel at the base of a tree. As I was looking at the squirrel, a Red-tailed Hawk suddenly swooped down and tried to grab the squirrel. The squirrel made a very quick maneuver and got away. The Red-tailed Hawk then landed on a muddy patch of dirt at the edge of the path a short distance from the base of the tree were the squirrel had been. A number of other people noticed the hawk. We all stopped to watch it and we were were rewarded with a close up view. What was a big surprise was the hawk did not care about the people watching as it was intent on finding a replacement meal. The hawk began to hop up and down launching his talons into the mud eventually pulling up some earthworms for lunch. It was really neat to watch.


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