Guinea Fowl Roam Virginia!


There are Guinea Fowl roaming free in Virginia. I first learned this when I visited the Blackthorne Inn in Upperville, VA. Apparently, one day a couple of guinea fowl showed up on the property and made themselves at home along with a homeless cat who also found a new home here.  An employee told me that the Guinea Fowl likely escaped from a farm.

The pair of Guinea Fowl roamed the property and often could be spotted on the back porch or front of the Inn. They ate food provided to them and spent time looking for bugs. I always looked for them when I visit. I was sad to learn this year that one of them  died. Now there is just one left.

I have never stayed at the Inn though it looks like a neat place to stay. On the first floor there is a fun Irish pub called Wolfe Tone’s. I recommend sitting outside during good weather as the have a patio facing their pond that is far from the road. One of the best outdoor spots around to have a drink. During winter, the inside of the pub is nice and cozy with a real fireplace.

Keep an eye out for the Guinea Fowl and black cat around the perimeter of the building!

I have also once spotted a flock of Guinea Fowl roaming near Braddock Road in Chantilly, VA. So they are out there!



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