Heron Rookery in Northern Virginia

What a surprise when I learned about a heron rookery located just of Route 7 near Loudoun Parkway in Ashburn, VA. I went looking for the rookery a couple of years. It was difficult to find and there really was no good place to park. You wouldn’t even know the herons nest there without binoculars and even then they were hard to see from the distance from the trees to the road. But they were there.…lots and lots of herons and baby herons up in to the tops of trees! I really hope that developers are careful with the area.  I wish they were not developing at all.

I am unaware of any recent developments about the planned stadium that I heard was slated to be built across the way a 1 Loudoun Parkway. Please comment if you know anything about this…

There was some news in 2013. See article about the situation by Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy:

Action Alert: Great Blue Heron Rookery in Ashburn.


2 thoughts on “Heron Rookery in Northern Virginia

  1. Thanks for the post. Checked out the junction of Marblehead and Loudoun County Parkway yesterday, but did not manage to find the rookery. Went behind the new office building at the intersection to take a look. Saw two herons fly by overhead so believe the rookery is there, but must not have been looking in the right direction.


    1. Hi Ed,

      I removed the location from the Heron story. I had indicated only Loudoun County Parkway, Ashburn. The mapping software mapped the parkway to an exact spot above Loudoun Parkway. I do not have an exact address for the rookery. It is South of Route 7 on the left hand side. There is a no trespassing sign and a gate. That is how I spotted it after looking for it for a long time. This was about two years ago. I pulled my car over on the right-side of the road and ran across to where the no trespassing sign was with my binoculars. There is no parking anywhere. Only with my binoculars could I see the herons in the distant trees (looking Eastward). There were many nests and many babies there. I think this is why great blue herons are so common in NOVA. Anyway, I hope you can find it. Let me know if you do!


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