Robins Love Raisins

When snow still covered the ground in Virginia a group of American Robins showed up one day. I felt sorry for them as there was only a few patches of uncovered earth. Had I known then that they love raisins, I would have put some out for them. Just last week I was reading information on American Robins listed in my iBird Pro App. According to iBird, American Robins eat raisins.

I decided to see if the robins around my home would eat raisins. I put some raisins on my porch and I was surprised how quickly the robins found them. They never landed on the porch before. From how quickly they ate the raisins I found that they are big fans of dried grapes. I also spotted them occasionally eating nuts from the bird seed mix. Next winter, I will be providing raisins to the robins.


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