Scotland: Incidental Bird Sightings

My two trips to Scotland did not include plans for birding. Nevertheless, birds play a large role in my memories of both trips! While in Edinburgh, seagulls soared past my hotel window at all hours. Seeing and hearing the gulls in a town with a damp chill reminded me of fun childhood trips around the Bay Area of California. So I took a liking to Scotland very quickly.

Looking to visit a small village outside of Edinburgh, I discovered that the Scottish Seabird Center just a short train ride over to North Berwick. After the train ride there is a short walk to get there. It was worth the trip as I got to see Gannets for the first time! I highly recommend a visit if you are ever in Scotland. There were a ton of  Gannets on the rocks and my visit provide me with a life bird before I knew the meaning of a life bird.

During my second trip to Scotland, I went on a van tour out to the Isle of Skye. One of the stops was to a botanical garden. After a delicious seafood lunch at their dining room, I went for a walk around the gardens. A European Robin landed on the bench and just sat there. The robin was another life bird for me.

European Robin
European Robin

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