Nelson County: The Quarry Gardens Opens in April

Next month, a new garden will open to the public in Schulyer, VA, at a former soapstone quarry. The property is being converted into a native plant garden by the owners, Armand and Bernice Thiebolt. I got a preview tour of the park organized by Amber Ellis of the James River Association.

The Thiebolts hosted our tour taking us around the garden on the main trail, which is approximately one mile in length around the perimeter of two water-filled former quarries.

At the end of the tour, a small group of us opted to continue with an additional walk of the adjacent woodland trail that transverses different ecosystems, including a rare hardwood wetland. 

The Center of Urban Habitats conducted a survey of the property, and according to Bernice, identified over 300 plant species. The property includes 14 ecozones and seven conservation zones. 

The gardens are works-in-progress, with plans to plant many local native species. There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer at the gardens. To learn more visit their Facebook page:


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